merlin 386.5

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  1. T

    Wireless Network disappears daily

    I've got an ASUS AX58U running Merlin (Current Version : 386.5_2), which is running nextDNS (I don't know what version, but it's probably due for an update). Also running is an OpenVPN server. At least once a day, if not several times a day, devices lose connectivity. It'll be fine one moment...
  2. B

    Switched back to factory firmware on GT-AC2900 from Merlin. Web UI layout is now weird and I'm unable to restore how it looked origonally.

    I grabbed a GT-AC2900 router on sale to experiment a bit with as it had a phenomenal amount of features for the price as an entry into Asus routers. From the factory, the web GUI design differs a but from traditional Asus routers with a more "gamer oriented" look to it for lack of a better term...
  3. Mr Solis

    RT-AC68U Traditional QoS UL/DL limit values are broken?

    I've recently dirty flashed 386.5 over 386.4 and noticed my download speed had deteriorated (~102mbps reduced to ~18mbps via Ookla) but the built in WebUI Internet Speed test is giving me expected results (102mbps/19mbps). I have Traditional QoS enabled with CTF disabled and this was previously...
  4. G

    ASUS RT-86U OpenVPN "Drop_Caches: 1"

    Hi all, I've had no issues with my OpenVPN settings with various devices but now have one with my new NVIDIA Shield Pro where the connection just drops. I've attached a screenshot of the traffic analyzer page which shows it dropping then shooting back up. I'm sure the issue is on the NVIDIA end...