merlin 388.2

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  1. G

    ASUS Merlin 388.2.2 Authentication Error / Timeout Issue

    Hi there, I have a reoccurring issue where my Open VPN to US server for my Smart TV using VPN director drops out due to an authentication error. DNS config set to exclusive. Strangely enough my Open VPN for all other devices to an Australian server doesn't have this issue. DNs config set to...
  2. J

    Skynet Skynet keeps failing to start

    Hey guys. I just noticed that Skynet seems to be failing to start. The tab doesn't show up in the GUI, and logging in via SSH and opening the skynet script, it shows a status of failed. I've rebooted the router about 10 times in the past few days (just moved, setting up the network), and I've...