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  1. Meshkoff

    Cannot install chrony on RT-N66W?

    Does anybody manage to install chrony on ASUS RT-N66 (374.43_43E6j9527) (Merlin LTS fork)? I'm trying set up ntpMerlin to use chrony and getting this: dmitry@RT-N66W:/tmp# opkg install chrony Unknown package 'chrony'. Collected errors: * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package chrony...
  2. RypeDub

    [SOLVED] What are the differences between RMerlin's and john9527's firmwares?

    Why does john9527's fork need to exist? Can't we have one major firmware with enhancements, features and code from both firmwares, inside one super mega firmware? Or, is it that john9527 keeps the older firmware updated, while RMerlin releases updates for the latest firmware? There is just so...