mount problem

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  1. Radiant

    [BUG report] AC86U: USB 3 SSD Drive doesn't mount (connected before boot)

    After booting/rebooting AC86U my Orico SSD USB-C Case (JMicron Generic) connected in USB 3.0 mode doesn't mount, only manual reconnection works well. USB 2.0 mode of USB 3.0 port or USB 2.0 port works well too. Original ASUS ROM works fine with this case in USB 3.0 mode. Help me please! Thank...
  2. bigAboo

    AC68U+Merlin firmware(384.9)+Entware

    Hi. :) My router after reboot changes disk names from sda to sdb & back, if I reboot another time. o_O I give labels to both disks - NET & NET2 ,but it happens again! :eek: WTF! :mad: What should I do to stop this?:(
  3. james-gt

    2 HDD mount problem (too early mount)

    Hi, I attached a 2nd HDD to my AC56U and now everything starts to fall apart. 384.4_2, 5TB ext4 Toshiba on USB3, 8TB Seagate ext4 on USB2. The problem is that the 8TB HDD is mounted (as sda1) very quickly but after that looks like that some USB reconfiguration happens (adding a hub?). From...