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  1. outon

    Movistar TV freezes after few minutes

    Dear experts, I have a problem when I am watching any Movistar+ channel. After a few minutes of watching any channel the screen freezes, and I simply change the channel and return to continuous playback. My router is an Asus RT-AC66U B1 with latest Merlin firmware. But this problems seems...
  2. K

    RT-AC68U 384.10-beta2 - Problem with Triple VLAN and pppd

    Hi all. I have an RT-AC68U with merlin 384.10-beta2, before I test it with the 384.8 and the same error ocurs, its not a beta bug. I put my company router, Mitrastar HGU in bridge mode, then I configure the Asus, and all works well. But When I try to configure the triple VLAN setup to get...
  3. pepemosca

    RT-AC86U + Movistar Triple Play

    Hello, I have a RT-AC86U and I'm running ASUS-Merlin 384.7_2. I have Movistar as TV+Internet+Land Phone provider. I don't have available the "Movistar Triple Play" IPTV profile that is available in other ASUS devices. How can I get it back or will it be available soon? How I have to set it up...