multiple ssids

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    ASUS AC86U QoS on 2 SSIDs

    Hi guys, im new here and also quite new to flashing routers with open source software. I wanted to ask (quite broad on the features page) is it possible to set up QoS throttling bandwidth on a guest account SSID, whilst leaving the main primary SSID... well to be unrestricted. I know this would...
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    [AC68U] in AP mode can't add extra VLAN/SSIDs

    Hi, currently I'm using my AC68U in AP mode as I have a Mikrotik doing the firewall and routing. According to there should be an option to setup multiple SSIDs but I can't tell if this applies to the AC68U or not. Also, it doesn't say if you can trunk...
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    Multiple APs, multiple ssids, segregated private ip ranges: Possible???

    Greetings: I'd like to know if it's possible to run two routers on a single network, one running as DHCP server, the other an access point? I'd like them both to have different ssids and different ip ranges (192.168.1.x and 10.0.0.x). Is this possible running one DHCP server? If both must run...