1. Trublue

    RT-N56U Advanced system page not showing correctly.

    Not sure whats going on. I'm trying to enable SSH but the option is missing from the Administration > System page. I've looked all over the forums and Google and haven't found a solution. Has anyone run into this or know whats going on? Ive tried rebooting, completely erasing all settings...
  2. A

    Help: My N56U LAN ports stopped working

    Hi all, I am in desperate need of some help. After 6-7 years of using my RT-N56U, my LAN ports suddenly died - all of them. They are still blinking orange, but seems like no Internet. Strangely, before I reset the router, I was able to communicate through the local LAN and still stream...
  3. N

    N56U and Skybell - Freezing router when accessing on WiFi

    I have an Asus RT-N56U router with firmware I also have a Skybell HD configured on the 2.4 GHz wifi channel of my home wifi. When I access the SkyBell's live video feed from my iPhone (with my phone on LTE), it works great. However, when I connect my phone to my home wifi, it...