network services filter

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  1. J

    Allowing just one device to subnet (iptables or Network Services Filter?)

    Due to my ISP forcing me to use their router if I want to use their bundled VOIP service, since upgrading to FTTP I now have to have my ASUS sitting behind my ISP's router. Annoyingly they don't allow their router to run in a bridged mode. As much as I can I have tried to make it a native...
  2. PunchCardBoss

    VPN & Access Control with Network Services Filter

    Non-Profit Organization LAN Office Setup: Router: AX88U (LAN running AsusWRT FW Printer: Konica Minolta model 308 (LAN Printer Port number: 9100 Synology 920+ NAS (LAN NAS File Services Port #: http=7000; https=7001 Other LAN...
  3. L

    [Solved] Blocking network cameras accessing the internet

    Hi guys, I have successfully blocked 3 of my network cameras from accessing the internet. I know there is an easy way to block network devices by following this method: Network Map > Clients >Under Client Status > Click the network devices for its on the Ethernet icons > Block Internet...
  4. S

    Firewall - Network Services Filter Problem

    Hi All, Im looking to setup my network services filter to block WAN access to my IoT devices. See attached picture, I believe I set it up correctly, I found an older post saying to block port 443 to limit secure connections as well, so I did that. Interestingly I still can access the IoT...
  5. xendi

    Unable to specify port range in Network Services Filter

    If I try to do something like this: I always get the error dialog "Please enter a value between 1 to 65535": I am unable to enter port ranges. It will only accept singlular port numbers.
  6. Morac

    Blacklisting via Network Services Filter isn't working

    I'm running Merlin 382.1_2 on my AC88U and I am unable to get blacklisting to work with the Network Services Filter. I was originally trying to blacklist a NTP server so I added the ip address and set the protocol to UDP, but that didn't work. I then tried other ip addresses and TCP and was...