openvpn username password asus-merlin

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  1. mad_ady

    [Solved] OpenVPN works only with the ovpn file

    Hello all! I have a RT-AC56U running an older RMerlin release - 380.57 (I'll look into upgrading when I have a bit of time). I've just enabled openvpn server, configured accounts and downloaded the generated ovpn file to my clients. The problem is the clients (Android phones) are able to...
  2. M

    OpenVPN: Username / passwords get scrambled on applying advanced settings?

    Hiya, Still plenty happy with what Merlin can do for me, however: A minor annoyance while tweaking my two Open VPN servers: Everytime I apply advanced settings, my listed username / passwords get scambled- seems like a string termination problem somewhere? See screenshot below: The username on...