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    [Mikrotik] Advisory: Vulnerability exploiting the Winbox port Quoted in full: We have discovered a new RouterOS vulnerability affecting all RouterOS versions since v6.29. How it works: The vulnerability allowed a special tool to connect to the Winbox port, and request the system user database file...
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    Clients still reconnecting after WPA2 key change?

    we're running an ASUS RT-AC68U with the most recent firmware updated through the web portal. we've had a couple of people leave the company recently, so i've changed the encryption key to prevent reconnection. it seems like any client that has connected in the past still connects without...
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    Account limit on Samba share, password length

    The Plus (+) icon was grayed out in Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk. I found the only way to enable it was to delete a user. There appears to be a user limit. Is there a way to expand this beyond six users? Also, I tried to enter a password longer than 16 characters, but the software...