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  1. elrengo

    ruTorrent v3.9 Some plugins don't works

    Hi! I'm owner of RT-AC3100m using a asuswrt-merlin firmware (384.17) with Entware installed on WD 1TB USB3 HDD. On router I have installed ruTorrent 3.9 and Diversion. Today when I require to create a torrent I found in the following errors in logs tab: [03.07.2020 08:51:01] WebUI started...
  2. amplatfus

    [Solved] Unable to load dynamic library '/opt/lib/php/

    Hi, After entware-ng update (src/gz packages to entware (src/gz packages using opkg update; opkg upgrade 2 times I am facing below PHP error: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/opt/lib/php/' -...
  3. jpr105

    Issue accessing my RT-AC68U using PHP and SSH2

    Hello, I need to access my RT-AC68U in SSH. So I configured the router as follows: Enable SSH = LAN Only Allow SSH Port Forwarding = Yes (not sure this is necessary) SSH port = 2222 Allow Password Login = Yes Enable SSH Brute Force Protection = Yes When I connect from my iMac or Raspberry...
  4. S

    [Chinese] Anyone Familiar with ONMP (Opt + Nginx + MySQL + PHP)?

    ONMP: Opt + Nginx + MySQL + PHP
  5. amplatfus

    [SOLVED] call index.php through Entware-NG from terminal

    Hi, I have installed php and mysql from below address: Now I need to run php from a scheduled sh using terminal, but I do not know how I should call php I tried: php, php5 but I obtain same result: -sh: php: not...
  6. A

    php-redis on entware-ng

    Hi, Since I cant fine the php mod for redis in the package repo for entware arm7, does anyone of you know how to get php7 and redis to work under asus-merlin. The whole thing could be very easy if "phpize" would be available on entware. Would appreciate any suggestion how to generate the php7...