port fowarding

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  1. Lukium

    386.3_2 VPN Leak? How to ensure that all traffic on a device goes through VPN as soon as it connects?

    First of all, I want to thank everyone for all the great work on Asus-Merlin. I've been using it for years. Here's the scenario I'm dealing with: My router (GT-AX11000 running 386.3_2) is connected to Verizon WAN, and every time I reboot the router, I end up with a new IP address. This used to...
  2. dunestorm

    (RT-AC66U) Port forwarding not working since updating firmware

    I updated my router from 380.64_2 to 380.69_0, the update went smoothly and all the settings are still in tact. For some reason port forwarding just simply doesn't work any more, all my settings look the same as they were. Any ideas please? :(