power consumption

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  1. k7wxw

    DC current requirements for RBS20 and RBR20

    I just installed an Orbi router and two sats, mostly to reduce RFI that my old cobbled together system of wifi, MOCA adapters and ethernet was generating. The Orbi boxes come with 12VDC, 1.5A switched mode wall warts that I would like to replace with linear (RF quiet) power supplies. Here's...
  2. I

    Reducing power consumption of the RT-AC88U

    Hi! Apologies in advance from a newcomer who was not successful with the search function. I noted my RT-AC88U is pulling 30 W on normal usage. It is clear to me that it has to pull power, but 30 W strike me as a bit too much, so I started wondering about ways to cut down power consumption...