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  1. M

    VPN Setup issues

    Hi! I have read up on several guides for setting up a VPN on mu ASUSMerlin router. But im still having the issue that not my whole network goes threw the vpn only my computer and not the phone and everything else connected to the network. - Basically I want it to be setup as my superb editing...
  2. S

    Encrypt Share Folders?

    Is there any way to add encryption for the AiDisk, and subsequent Share directories? It seems rather pointless having separate user directories, with separate passwords when it's easy enough to simply pull the USB stick out, and shove it in your computer's port. I believe EXT4 supports...
  3. M

    Protect OpenVPN server

    Hi I've searched here but i can't find a way to do what i want to protect my openvpn server so ... I know fail2ban (use it on other computers), i know merlin do not want to use it because of python, and i've read posts about ipset scripts to protect from some IPs (by country or malicious lists)...