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  1. A

    Entware how to install Python NumPy?

    Does anyone know how to install Python NumPy? I installed the NumPy by using pip. However, there have some errors when trying to import the NumPy module. It seems that python can't find the NumPy module.
  2. t1100mfp

    Tutorial How to automatically reboot Xfinity Gateway (xFi)

    Hi, I would like to share the script I created to automatically reboot daily my Xfinity Gateway. I came up with it because the router started gave ridiculously low download speeds (~20Mbps) and doing a reboot solved the issue. I used my Raspberry Pi 4 to do the job, but any computer running...
  3. garycnew

    Entware [SOLUTION] Cross-Compile OnionShare Entware Package via Debian Live DVD

    NOTE: After finally being convinced by the Entware & OpenWRT Developers that neither Build Environment was meant to be Compiled Natively on a Router (Neutered C Libraries), I decided to pursue this Cross-Compile OnionShare Entware Package via Debian Live DVD solution; which, is presumably a bit...
  4. garycnew

    Entware [DEVEL] Cross-Compile python3-onionbalance Entware Package via Debian Live DVD

    All: I'm in the process of trying to build an Entware python3-onionbalance package. The process is a little more complicated with no existing OpenWRT Makefile, built using Python3, and missing Entware Python3 Dependencies. I've started by modifying a basic, existing OpenWRT Makefile (i.e...