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  1. I

    Need Help Accessing Raspberry Pi Webserver by Name on WiFi Devices

    Hello fellow network enthusiasts, I've encountered a bit of a conundrum with my local home network, and I'm hoping to get some advice on how to solve it. Here's the situation: I have a Raspberry Pi set up as a web server, hosting a website. My goal is to access this website with a...
  2. t1100mfp

    Tutorial How to automatically reboot Xfinity Gateway (xFi)

    Hi, I would like to share the script I created to automatically reboot daily my Xfinity Gateway. I came up with it because the router started gave ridiculously low download speeds (~20Mbps) and doing a reboot solved the issue. I used my Raspberry Pi 4 to do the job, but any computer running...
  3. J

    Raspberry Pi | SFTP | restrict user privileges

    Hi, I would like to be able to access some files from outside my network via SFTP and mainly from windows clients using WinSCP. I'm running a raspberry pi 4 under raspbian 10 Lite, as a media server with samba in the local network. Now I would like to: 1) create a user, lets say "dummy1" but...
  4. gspannu

    What are you running? DNSCrypt or Unbound?

    What do you run on your router? Unbound or DNSCrypt? (or both?) It would also be good to know why you use/ recommend one over the other? I am aware that some people run DNSCrypt, Unbound or both on Raspberry Pi along with Pi-Hole. Would also like to have feedback from such users on the same...
  5. gspannu

    AX88U - LAN DNS or WAN DNS?

    Query on WAN DNS Server vs LAN DNS Server. I have tried searching the forums but could not get a clear answer; hence asking it here. This is my first ASUS router; hence maybe a NOOB question. My setup: VDSL Modem - for connection to Broadband ISP ASUS RT-AX88U - as router (
  6. Mugatu

    Recommended specs for small personal NAS

    Looking for some advice on a project of mine and figured you guys could help me get started in the right direction! I want to be able to access/store pictures from my phone to my computer and futur NAS on my LAN when outside my house. I'll be using a Raspberry Pi as a VPN server access and have...
  7. G

    Multi-subject: Securing the whole setup

    Hello, newbie to this forum, not so much to networking, on a practical level. I'm asked to sort out some problems in a small local gym and improve some things: - sorted out: - looped network, daisychaining 4-8 port FE switches - operator modem wifi underperforming/unavailable...