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  1. D

    Question regarding OpenVPN Server configuration

    I have an OpenVPN server configured and running on an AX86U Pro with firmware 3004.388.4, and I'm connecting to it using the OpenVPN for Android app. I have Advertise DNS to clients enabled, and when I connect the app log notes that both redirect-gateway and redirect-private are specified. I...
  2. Z

    Help regarding identifying port forwarding

    Hi guys, New here. I have an Asus RT-AC88U connected to the net with 3 pcs and a NAS and a couple phones and tablets in LAN. I have 2 ports forwarded from my NAS to host my website. There are no other ports redirected or forwarded to my knowledge/manually done by me. However today I was going...
  3. I

    Asus AC88U loopback, Dnsmasq and Port Forwarding

    Hi everybody, and thanks in advance for your help. I have put a sensor in my mailbox, and I receive notifications when I got a mail (with HomeKit and IFTTT). But, I want to receive a picture from my outdoor camera when the mailbox is opened. So, I've found so local url that give me that...
  4. L

    AC68 - iptables REDIRECT --to-port

    I've got a quick technical question that I am sure could be easily answered by someone with moderate experience using iptables. I've literally spent about 8 hours searching, reading, and experimenting to try to figure this out, but I have had no luck so far. Background Info: I am running an...
  5. M

    Iptables on lan clients

    Hi, i'm trying to redirect packets from some ip sources ( kind of transparent proxy) I tried with http traffic using this ip rule: (both are wireless clients) iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -s -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to When i set this rule the client can't...