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  1. C

    Fraunhofer Home Router Security Report 2020

    I found this as it does not really say enough other than running an old kernel in Linux is a problem. Probability they found a lot of old routers out there.
  2. K

    Survey for smart home owners

    Hello! I would like to conduct a small survey among users of smart home systems. If not difficult, could you answer a few questions below. Thanks in advance! 1. To decide what points do you most often use Settings? 2. What are you missing in the Smart Home app settings? 3. Are there any...
  3. R

    VPN - test cases - client to site, site to site.

    Dear users of forum, Have you met with the OpenVPN configuration, which will allow you to switch automatically conneciont from the udp tunnel to tcp? I note that I do not mean to make that with OpenVPN Access Server. The issue is that I would like to have such a configuration applies to...