rt-ac66u a1

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  1. P

    RT-AC66U A1 firmware compatibility?

    Hello, I am trying to set up an RT-AC66U (rev A1) as a wireless repeater. I cannot find a version that I can confirm is compatible with the A1 revision, and would like to know if there's either a version of this modified firmware compatible with it, or if I should just switch back to the...
  2. Master3395

    Asus RT-AC66U firmware

    Does anyone know if the AC66U B1 works for A1? I got Asus AC66U A1, but it is running Could that cause issues? As i haven't seen any issues, other than, some members of the family losing connections once in a while. (not often) I got fiber optic to the house and is on a 60/60 line.