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  1. escape75

    RT-AX68U Merlin vs.

    It looks like Asus resurrected the RT-AX68U router by releasing firmware ... I'm wondering though how many things in the Asus firmware are currently patched that would not be patched in Merlin 3004.388.6_2 ? I'm running the Merlin one at the moment and just wondering about it...
  2. S

    How to start Wireguard client via SSH?

    Hi. I am using: RT-AX68U - Firmware:3004.388.4 I setted up a WireGuard client successfully and I am able to start / stop it via VPN --> VPN Client --> WireGuard --> Enable WireGuard (yes/no) and working fine. But I would like to start / stop it via SSH. How it would be possible?
  3. Amiga

    AC86U dying: Debating on spare AX68U or buying GT-AX6000 for 1Gb

    I've got an AC86U that I've been struggling with for several months, via scheduled nightly reboots, clean Merlin installs, and manual reboots (like today) when there's been zero end-user activity. I'm thinking of upgrading my cable to gigabit (with 100Mb upload) and know you can tweak aspects on...
  4. K

    Solved RT-AX68U_386.5_2: LED lights up automatically after power up

    I turned the LED off on the router app. Sometimes I turn the router power off during the day. When the router powered on, the LED lights up again (the same result after trying many times ) I need to open the router app to toggle the LED setting from off to on then turn off again Is this a bug...
  5. J

    Asus RT-AC68U - Connected but no Internet on devices upon reconnect. Upgraded to RT-AX86U and having the same problem!

    We recently got our internet service upgraded (new modem and faster speed). When we did that, I took the time to upgrade the firmware on our RT-AC68U to the latest. The firmware had not been updated since 2018. Ever since then, we are having connectivity issues. The router is getting Internet...
  6. G

    New Home AiMesh Network - AX68U, AC86U, and 4 ZenwiFi AX Minis (XD4) - Need some help

    I am in the process of trying to upgrade my home network, using AiMesh, and I am experiencing issues. Below I have tried to describe the equipment and how I have setup the network followed by a series of questions to issues that I think are problems. Any help with this would be appreciated...
  7. H

    RT-AX68U: Devices falling off network, DHCP OFFER getting lost

    Hi everyone! I've been chasing this issue for a few weeks, and I feel that I'm so close to solving it. I need some help from the experts here to help me understand my system to see if they can see the reason why this is happening. Device: RT-AX68U Firmware: Asuswrt Merlin 386.2_6 Once every...