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  1. Kopas

    RT-AX88U and Intel 8265 Performance

    I'm running an RT-AX88U on version 384.13. Testing throughput with an Intel 8265 adapter running latest drivers on Windows 10. Both the router and Windows show that I'm connected at 866Mbps: When I do some testing with iperf to a wired workstation... I get around 380Mbps actual throughput...
  2. M

    RT-AX88U_384.13_0 & R7000_384.13_0 cannot find aimesh node

    hi everyone, Absolutely new on this forum. Apologies in advance for incorrect postings of my questions. I have a new asus RT-X88U with merlin firmware. This is because I wanted my old router, a Nighthawke R7000, to function as a mesh router. Both routers are equipped with the latest merlin...