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  1. F

    Need help with choosing an AiMesh router

    Hey everyone! I am currently using the RT-AC5300 for 4 years now but I have an issue with the range. From the router to my room, there are 2 walls and the network or WiFi strength is quite bad. I am thinking of getting another ASUS router to setup as a mesh/node. Any recommendations?
  2. dnajar

    Asus Aimesh and packet loss

    Hi, I bought an ASUS RT-AC88U and my old router ASUS RT-AC86U and I configured Aimesh. Both routers have official Asus firmware. ASUS RT-AC88U (master) ( ( ASUS RT-AC86U (node) ( ( I've noticed sometimes the node...
  3. Shah Saad

    Does disabling special features prolong router's life?

    Can we prolong router's life by disabling features like AiProtection, Adaptive QoS, VPN server, Game boost etc etc? I have RTAC86U (2 in aimesh) Also I am not at home from morning till afternoon and I don't require the wifi at night either. So if I schedule the wifi to be turned off from...