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  1. cmkelley

    Scribe Scribe 2.4.4 is out

    Pushed scribe 2.4.4 Fixes the gnu grep "stray \ before /" warning, probably the "wrong" way, by fixing it for gnu grep rather than forcing busybox grep ... Somewhere along the line, syslog-ng.ctl and files path was changed to /opt/var/run/syslog-ng; if you were upgrading that...
  2. AppleBag

    Skynet Skynet + Scribe Question

    I installed Scribe, and then installed Skynet after. Reading the Scribe installer it says its best to install Scribe after skynet; should I reinstall Scribe now, or just leave it alone? How do I know if I should reinstall Scribe (does something get screwed up, visibly or otherwise? Also, if I...
  3. AppleBag

    Scribe Logs/Textarea fix?

    I just installed scribe for the first time tonight and was wondering if there's a way to include in the addon a css tweak to set the width of the log textareas to the full width of it's parent? They always start off around half the width, and they need to be manually dragged/resized to make them...
  4. Stephen Harrington

    Scribe Scribe "Grep" Error Has Recently Appeared?

    Is anyone else seeing a Scribe cli error after the most recent updates to Entware and/or upgrading to Merlin 388.1? Can't pin down when it changed exactly but now when I run an "s" command for "Show scribe status" it mostly appears to be OK but mixed in there I get a grep: warning: stray \...
  5. S

    Logger basics

    Where are entries created using the logger cli tool captured? They don't appear to be going to syslog.
  6. J

    Scribe, filtering mcast errors

    Hello, I'm still trying to wrap my head around scribe but is there a way to move these out to a different log source than messages? Not sure how to get the filtering right. kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR mcast] bcm_mcast_blog_process,783: blog allocation failure^[[0m
  7. T

    Scribe asus merlin scribe autostart

    I have asus ac86u with asusmerlin firmware 386.3_2 Why does after install asus merlin scribe syslog-ng does not added to autostart? After reboot router I must start scribe syslog-ng manually every time becouse it is not running. How do add asus merlin scribe syslog-ng to autostart?
  8. TheStork

    Scribe Log entry fragments in Scribe

    I‘ve noticed that my log (using Scribe) under ‘system messages’ category is full of strange entries that look like incomplete log lines. I think they might be part of entries that should fall under Skynet’s log entries for inbound blocks, but it seems they are missed from that and partly...
  9. L&LD

    amtm amtm step-by-step install guide - L&LD

    This is a step-by-step guide that will show how to optimally set up a USB drive for Asus’ RMerlin powered routers that will at the very minimum allow for use of a swap file for your supported router. It will optionally install Entware properly too, all with the help of amtm by @thelonelycoder...