seperate networks

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    Lan port 4 different network

    Hi all, Since I had no success with overclocking my Asus router I went for a Pfsense box that handles all my VPN stuff however I've got one last bit that I want to change and that is that I want the Pfsense boxes WAN on a different network preferably a small 10.x subnet. Essentially I got two...
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    The challenge!

    Hi all Since this is my first thread on this forum, it might be in the wrong place, and for that i apologize. Also the topic seems to cover several subforums, so this i where my post ended up. :) The hardware: Modem: Sagem FAST 3686 (DOCSIS 3.0 HW: V2.0 SW: TDC_3.48.0) Router : ASUS...