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  1. A

    [Feature Request] Show all clients in Wireless Log

    Is it possible for the Wireless Log in the web UI to show all connected clients, even those connected to any AI Mesh nodes? Currently only clients connected to the main router show up here. Reason being: it's very useful for debugging to be able to quickly see what the signal strength is for...
  2. S

    Issue with RT-AX86U Signal Strength

    I am not an expert here so please bear with me. My network is a Asus AiMesh configuration with a RT-AX88U as the primary and two RT-AX86U’s as nodes (all connected via dedicated ethernet backhaul at 2.5G). All three currently are running Merlin 388.1 firmware. I did try running the 86’s on...
  3. N

    formula on TR-398 issue 2 Spatial Consistency Test

    Hi everyone! We are working with the TR-398 issue 2 and we aren't sure about this comment on the Spatial Consistency Test: "Note: The variation at each specific attenuation is calculated as the difference between the minimum throughput value and the average throughput value, divided by the...
  4. Scooterit

    Are the signal levels OK?

    Hi have a problem with Spectrum cable and I am wondering if there is a problem with the quality of the signals coming into my cable modem. Any cable technicians out here who can have a peek at the attachment of the status report I pulled from this Arris modem.?
  5. M

    Client List and Signal Strength to Log File

    Hi All, HW: Asus RT88U FW: 384_7_2 Sorry if my search-fu is weak, and I missed the answer on the forum. I am looking for a txt based output of the 'system log'/'wireless log' table. That table displays connected client's name, mac, and signal strength. I would like that as a file that I...
  6. P

    Lock Network to 3G

    Mobile data card dash board like Mobile Partner provide option to lock network to 3G. Such options are great when user is in an area of poor network as otherwise the datacard automatically switches to 2G Network. Is there a way that this option may be brought to Asus AC68U? My Netgear DGN2200...