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  1. Sky

    Solved ASUS RT-AC87 System log missing days (Synology issue?)

    The System Log in my AC87 is missing all activity between 13 April 12:59:06 and 17 April 09:05:07, a period of about 3-days 8-hrs 6-min 1-sec. There is no space between the log lines, no blanks. You wouldn't even notice it without a close reading of the log. I have my AC87 reboot every day so...
  2. P

    Sonos Play5 skips tracks - RT-AC66U settings?

    First post here. My Sonos Play5 often skips tracks - it will play half a song and then suddenly skip forward to the next one - and I'm trying to work out if it's being caused by my Asus RT-AC66U router. Here is some info about my set-up: - Sonos is connected wirelessly to router. It is about...