slow network

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  1. gustavo1spbr

    VERY slow file transfer to QNAP TS-453Be

    - Experiencing < 20MB/s transfer from desktop computer to NAS with very large file (> 256GB), when expected would be full Gigabit speeds (~125MB/s) - QNAP system is 16GB RAM and 4 HDDs in RAID5 (raw write performance in this configuration should be the same as of a single hard drive, ie...
  2. Sp0X

    Slow WAN with VPN Director turned on

    Hi all. Tell me, please, what rules should be set in the VPN director so that the speed over the WAN does not drop to the speed of the VPN connection. I only use it to access some ip from all devices. Maybe it's because I'm using wireguard? I read the entire forum, but I did not find such...
  3. Sp0X

    Low wan speed with VPN director enabled

    Hello everyone. Forgive me for possible errors in the text, I write through a translator. A question arose about the work of the VPN Director. There are no errors in the logic of its operation, the traffic is redirected as it should. But the speed of WAN, which is the Internet not through a VPN...
  4. G

    Slow Speedtest when AX86U is plugged on 2.5Gbe

    Hey everyone! Hope you're doing great! I just got the FTTH on my flat (5Gbps down / 700Mbps up) and my ISP router have 2.5Gbe port. So I genuinely plug the ISP Router 2.5 to the AX86U 2.5. Everything with CAT 7 cable. Router print 2.5 link speed so everything seems ok. If I plug my...