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New Around Here
Hello everyone.
Forgive me for possible errors in the text, I write through a translator.
A question arose about the work of the VPN Director. There are no errors in the logic of its operation, the traffic is redirected as it should. But the speed of WAN, which is the Internet not through a VPN tunnel, drops by 2 times. What is through the wifi, what is through the cable. As soon as I turn off the VPN connection Director, the speed returns to the previous one. Screenshots with before and after measurements are attached. The speed test was performed both through Speedtest.net and through the application in the router itself. (My router is ASUS TUF Gaming AX-5400 with Merlin V388.1).
Tell me what settings to make, whether to add a rule to the VPN Director, so that the speed for WAN is the same, and not like the speed with just VPN turned on. Thank you in advance.


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