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    AX86S Slow Wi-Fi 5 and 6

    Hi, I have 750 Mbps fiber connected to my flat. Just bought an Asus RT-AX86S hoping that the problems I am having with AirPlay would go away. (I had been having some problems, and I thought that's because of the ISP-provided cheap router). First thing I noticed: they haven't. I still got very...
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    Asus XT8 Suddenly Slow speeds on all firmware

    Hi all, Have been researching this issue for over a week now, as of last friday July 16th, my Asus ZenWifi XT8 system (1 XT8 router, 3 XT8 nodes, wireless backhaul) went from the web GUI stating 900/900 on average down to 450/450. I have reverted back to previous versions of the firmware as...
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    Rt-ac3100 very strange Ethernet port issue

    Hello, I recently upgraded my internet speed from 100/100 mbit to 300/300. That prompted me to do a speedtest and no matter what, I couldn't get more than 50mbps download, as if it was bottlenecked at 50. My setup is: Fibre optic Att Modem is set to passthrough mode, assigning public IP to...
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    New RT-AC1900 Slower than a snail...

    Hey everyone, Maybe somebody has had this issue already. Just got a brand new, out of a box RT-AC1900 to replace my old Linksys E1200. I guess I was sold on all the amazing reviews on it. When I fired it up it puzzled the crap out of me. This thing is slower than my ancient router! I flashed...