slow upload

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    Solved AXE-16000 Wired upload speed limited at 100Mbs

    Hi I am currently trying to troubleshoot connection speed issue on my network. I have a 1Gbs + 1 Gbs connection. When I connect my PC directly to the ONT I am getting 960mbs up and down which is what I am expecting. When I connect the ONT back to the AXE 16000 2.5 WAN and connect one of the...
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    GT AX-11000 Wifi Upload Capped

    Hi, I have had a GT-AX11000 since 2019 and ever since any FW past .6436 which released a long time ago, my upload speeds have been capped around 250Mbps max on WiFi on any device Wifi 6 or not. Ethernet connections seem to be fine. I have tried Merlin FW and the issue still persists. I have...
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    AC-68U with Merlin 380.69 slow upload

    I am experiencing a strange problem, ac-68u with merlin 380.69, very fast download (up to 90Mbps) but very slow upload (only 1.2Mbps). I tried to update the firm ware to 380.70, but the newer version gives me very slow download(5Mbps) and upload(1.2Mbps). All test are done with wired connection...