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  1. J

    DLNA is only visible to WiFI/LAN users of router (but not visible to L2 router)

    I have the following setup: Wired connection: ASUS AXE11000 router with Merlin firmware > 8-Port Gigabit PoE Smart Managed Switch DGS-1100-08P > SmartTV All devices connected to 8-port PoE are using same DHCP settings: 192.168.X.Y as asus router. DLNA is only visible to LAN or WiFi users...
  2. Saqr42

    Help me troubleshoot network disconnections and low speeds

    Dears, I have a network of 17 devices on Asus RT-AC88U connected to my telco fibermodem in bridge mode. Now I have some disconnects and durations of low speeds and lags on two smart TVs and gaming consoles. Here is some of the System Log > General log : May 5 21:43:26 syslog: WLCEVENTD...
  3. T

    Puzzling speeds with WiFi, DLNA and a smart TV

    Hi All. So I've been lurking around these forums for 3 weeks or so reading as I slowly set up my new quarantine zone aka home network, and I've finally run into a problem for which the search function hasn't availed me. So figured I should put my hat in the ring, see if anyone might be able to...