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  1. J


    Now that asuswrt-official [RT-AC86U] supports DNS-over-TLS …. well, actually, do we care? What I mean to say is: If I already use a VPN (PIA)—currently only on individual clients since I’m using the ASUS stock firmware again—whereby DNS lookups are encrypted, (by the VPN—to the VPN DNS), … (1)...
  2. M

    Netgear X4S R7800 Firmware comparison Stock vs Voxel performance issues

    I recently decided to test three different firmwares for the R7800, I have noticed that the performance of my R7800 performed actually worse than the crappy router my ISP sent so I played around with the firmware. I have fibre 1 Gbps up and down with the ISP Wifi about 5 feet from the router I...
  3. sergio_live

    [R7800 X4S] - no PPTP connection on latest firmware

    Hey guys! A few days ago I unpacked my new Netgear R7800 and realized that it’s on the v1.0.2.32 stock firmware. I set up my PPTP credentials with server IP (just to ensure router works well) and had a connection right out of the box. After I updated to the latest v1.0.2.58 stock firmware I...
  4. Y

    R9000: How to develop a kernel module for stock firmware

    Hey guys, Voxel already explained me how to install a kernel module on the R9000 over telnet. Now my question is how to compile a kernel module for the stock firmware. In order to compile a kernel module I need the kernel, kernel config and header files. So I searched for the source code of...