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  1. nothingness

    Problem with reaching Adguard Home from outside home network

    Hello all, Router - ASUS RT-AC86U; Gateway IP - Firmware - Merlin 386.12 updated on September 17th 2023. Issues - Reaching Adguard home from outside the home network A bit of a background about my issue (presented later) - Although I'm in the medical profession, I always felt I had...
  2. T

    Solved Please add BBR support for 5.04axhnd devices

    5.04 devices uses 4.19 kernel which has support for BBR. Please consider add this kernel module. It can greatly improve bandwidth for server applications. The firmware still only supports reno and cubic: admin@GT-AX6000-91F8:/tmp/home/root# cat...
  3. I

    Phantom SYN_SENT, 386.7_2

    I have two networks:: There are several Cisco switches in this network. Networks are bidirectionally connected via OpenVPN on an Asus RT-AX68U fw. 386.7_2 router. There is a server (Smart Home) on the network Another network has a disabled...
  4. stevieosaurus

    Multiple OpenVPN clients: run in parallel, serial or alternative?

    I searched all over this forum & google but couldn't get one clear, straight answer, so here goes: If I activate multiple (2 or more) OpenVPN clients in my Merlin router admin interface, do these: 1. Run in parallel - some clients (local IPs) connect trough one VPN, others trough another VPN...
  5. G

    OpenVPN both TCP and UDP?

    Hi all. I have configured OpenVPN using UDP succesfully. But as I was found some countries block VPN based on port number and UDP so for some cases I need TCP on port 443. When I tried to copy configuration from working UDP one with changing UDP to TCP and port number to 443 the configuration...
  6. rkk2025

    Constantly getting kernel: TCP: time wait bucket table overflow on RT-AC68U

    Hi, Lately my LAN seems to be collapsing every now and then. It usually ends with leaving me without internet for some minutes, or even makes it impossible to connect to the router itself (To the webpanel). The log gets usually spammed with "kernel: TCP: time wait bucket table overflow" during...
  7. B

    OpenVPN run TCP VPn and UDP VPn at the same time ?

    Hi, my vpn provider offers both TCP and UDP Vpn servers. Should I configure and activate both ? Eg TCP in Client 1 and UDP in Client 2 slots or do I just need to start one of them ? best regards Chris