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  1. Flying Dutchman

    [TP-Link EAP300 v2] Time setting not working automatically

    Hi, I am not successful in setting up a correct primary NTP server to get the time right in this access point. Is there somebody who is successful? Which IP-address do you use? Synchronizing manually with the PC is working OK. But I power off the EAP330 every evening which causes the clock to...
  2. W

    Possible Parental Controls Bug

    RT-AC66R 380.68_4 Time on the router matches the time on the accessing computer and matches the actual time in GW -5. The parental control is set to turn access off for a specific computer at 2200. Access turns off at 2100. Set the router to turn off access at 2300 and access turns off at...
  3. M

    Timezone settings in Entware

    I have incorrect time values in Entware-based Asterisk, but when running date from shell, it returns correct date. So NTP-server seems to work, and it is Entware configuration issue. At least, Asterisk Gurus say so. Anybody can suggest where can I check timezone setting in Entware?
  4. M

    Syslog time issues

    Hi there, I have a weird time inconsistency which apps write to standard log. For example, transmission writes some false time, which doesn't correspond to system one: Jul 28 16:47:27 host dropbear[26782]: Child connection from XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jul 28 16:47:28 host dropbear[26782]: Pubkey auth...
  5. Raxxel

    Asus RT-AC68U (FW: 380.64_2) Problem with reboot scheduler and WLAN time planer

    Hi people, Is it possible that there is a problem with the reboot scheduler and the wlan time planer? I want to use the reboot scheduler to boot the router once a day (07.30h) to have a clean system. Also i want to reduce wlan usage with a time range from 07.00h until 23.00h. But it seems to...