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  1. BreakingDad

    Wan aggregation virgin superhub 5

    Has anyone got wan aggregation working off a superhub 5? I tried using the 2.5gb port and Lan 4 on the asus to hub in modem mode and it failed. I'm thinking perhaps the hub doesn't support it without adding in additional switches etc. Reason I ask is my speed is supposed to be 1130 , and on...
  2. C

    Latency on ASUS AC88U? + BQM

    Hi guys! When using my ASUS router with Virgin Media Gig1 (Hub 4) in modem mode I seem to get increased latency. This takes my in-game ping from 10-15ms to 60-120ms. Is there anyway to reduce this other than ditch my ASUS router? Speeds are okay 950-1103Mbps down. Everything is wired CAT 7...
  3. R

    Virgin Superhub 3 + AX56U/AX58U/AC66U_B1/AC68U: Will I benefit?

    I have read a lot or reports that pairing a SH3 with a router has many benefits however I'm not sure if they apply to me. I definitely encounter the SH3 instability with fairly frequent restarts! Mainly I'm unsure if a separate router will provide me with range improvements. My internet...
  4. 9

    Derping with Open VPN on Asus RT N66u On FTTC Cable ( Virgin )

    We have a FTTC cable connection (Virgin media 200Mbps) , with a Hitron router/modem ( in modem only mode ) , Although we have a business package , I understand this connection shares the residential lines We have set up the Hitron in Modem Only mode and have an Asus RT 66U router handling the...