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  1. S

    vnStat how to restore vnstat database

    Hi! I have a recent backup of the jffs partition (tar archive). I need to restore the vnstat database from it (no configuration or settings, only the database). Which files and folders do I have to extract from the tar file to the dn-vnstat.d folder? Is it simply the complete folder "csv"...
  2. J

    Some addons for WebUI disappeared after every reboot

    Hello All, Sorry, I've posted so many queries/questions these days. To get to the point, According to the subject, I've been experiencing this issue every reboot time. I checked an addons state via ssh terminal and seems like the below capture image, indicates the message as "WebUI page not...
  3. dev_null

    vnStat [Release] vnStat-on-Merlin - UI, CLI and email - data use and data limit monitoring - R1 and R2

    vnStat-on-Merlin - Release versions - R1 and R2 Update 18 July 2021: Upgrade! For ARM and AARCH-based routers, we've got some great news: vnStat-on-Merlin Release 2 (R2) is now available for non-MIPS devices. This version is based on vnStat 2.7, recently included as an Entware package. More...