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    Asus RT-AX88U Pro - problem with mobile devices except laptops

    My basic situation is the following: - a brand new Asus RT-AX88U Pro router - my internet connection is 1 Gbit by contract, my router measures 900+ Mbit up and download - on my intranet there are only 1 Gbit switches - all my computers (wired or wireless) can download at 500+ Mbit on a wired or...
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    on asus ac87u do not work ssh connections between devices in WiFi 5G

    On asus ac87u do not work ssh connections between devices in WiFi 5G When I conect from one to other device by ssh via WiFI 5G ssh connect freeze (the connection is made but I have not get TTY). Moreover I have noticed that ping to router from device to whice I connect by ssh grows up from ~5ms...
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    Beta Script to monitor temperatures on RT-AC68U

    Radios on my first router stopped working within hours of setting it up and I suspected it due to high temperature (CPU was at 96°C). When I got a replacement, I didn't want to take a chance so had it always running with a fan. I recently upgraded to RT-AC86U and converted the old router to an...
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    WiFi 6 was not worth it for me ~ Journey of WiFi 6 AiMesh back to WiFi 5 UniFi ~

    Who is this for? I've written this to share my personal experience to those who believe WiFi 6 is the best one can get right now. Yet, your experience is not quite as impressive as you expected. Perhaps, debating WiFi 5 vs. WiFi 6 because of different reviews. This is one technophilic person's...