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on asus ac87u do not work ssh connections between devices in WiFi 5G

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On asus ac87u do not work ssh connections between devices in WiFi 5G
When I conect from one to other device by ssh via WiFI 5G ssh connect freeze (the connection is made but I have not get TTY).
Moreover I have noticed that ping to router from device to whice I connect by ssh grows up from ~5ms to ~1000ms until I turn off wifi connect on device wherefrom I connect by ssh.

I have found same problem on other forum on from other human https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=248294. He use ac87u.

On other router but with the same devices all works normaly so problem with ac87u model 100%.

I use asuswrt-merlin firmware 384.13_10

Other protocols for exmaple http works normaly between devices in WiFi 5G.
Check this > ASUS GUI > Wireless > Professional > Set AP Isolated .

If this is on/enabled you will have connection issues.
AP Isolation is disabled.
There is no problem when ssh client in 2.4 Wifi or in ethernet and ssh server in 5 Wifi. Problem appear only if and ssh client and ssh server in wifi 5Ghz

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