wireguard server

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  1. Wallifur

    Bugs in WireGuard config UI

    I set up WireGuard VPN server on the router but encountered a few issues that I thought @RMerlin might care about: I changed the VPN subnet to a /24 in the range, as it's visually distinct from those I typically connect to in and However, when adding a...
  2. A

    Network questions on a new RT-AX86U Pro

    Greetings, I hope this is in the correct forum, if it's not please let me know. I'm new to Asuswrt-Merlin (former Pfsense and Openwrt user). I just installed 388.2_2 on an RT-AX86U Pro. My goal is to simplify the amount of hardware I have to deal with and my network topology and to make it...
  3. zer0bitz

    Solved Wireguard Server, no access to intranet from WAN

    Hello! I have setup Wireguard Server on my Asus RT-AX56U and enabled intranet access on its config. I can connect to the server from LAN and WAN on my Android phone, but I am only able to access other devices when im on LAN connection. Everytime I leave house and connect to the server and try...
  4. BlueOrbit

    Wireguard Server - not showing connection status?

    I configured a Wireguard server on my Asus AX86U router running Merlin FW and connect to it without an issue from my laptop. At least my laptop is showing good connection status. But on the router, there is no indication of a connection status either on the "VPN Status" tab or on the...
  5. F

    Solved RT-AX86U_PRO 388.1 and Wireguard Server

    Hi, I'm trying to setup a Wireguard Server using Asus port on 388.1, but I cannot get my device to connect I already have a raspberry piacting as a Wireguard Server (using a different port), working without any issues, but I'd love to have a backup. I have enabled the Wireguard Server in the...
  6. jackdlail

    Wireguard on ASUS AX Router

    Is there any abnormal security or performance issues with leaving the Wireguard server turned on in ASUS AX routers (I have an XT8)? I don't need often and so I figure I will forget to turn it on when I do. I do not have remote management enabled. I am running the latest ASUS firmware.
  7. R

    WireGuard VPN routing

    I've been running Asuswrt-Merlin on my RT-AX86U router for over a year now and just noticed that the latest firmware supports a WireGuard VPN server! I've just replaced my OpenVPN server with a WireGuard one, but had a question and wanted to ask if what I want to achieve is even possible...
  8. savage75

    Wireguard VPN connected peers can't reach local network devices

    Hi folks! Trying to set Wireguard VPN on ASUS ZenWiFi AX (XT8) so I can access my local network through it (as below) Peer1 ( connects successfully to the wireguard server, also it can ping (wgs1) and (LAN) but can’t connect to other devices on (
  9. F

    Voxel Wireguard server on Netgear r9000?

    Can I configure the server on the Netgear r9000 Vorxel? Can I see the guide on the official website to configure the interface?