wireless repeater

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  1. T

    Wireless Mesh as AP to existing router or Mesh with QOS

    Greetings I have a scenario where my mother-in-law is moving into our basement suite. I have offered her the ability to access our wireless Internet so that she doesn’t need to pay for her own Internet service. Our upstairs is 1209 square feet and the basement suite is 1000 squre feet. I am...
  2. Joao H de A Franco

    Can't reset ASUS RP-AC68U to factory

    I am trying to reset the repeater because I can't configure it. According to the user manual, the Wi-Fi LEDs (which show the strength of Wi-Fi signals in the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz bands) should go solid one or two minutes after powering up the unit. Since they don't go solid (they keep...