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  1. N

    wpa3-Enterprise in asuswrt merlin

    Is there a chance that WPA3-Enterprise will be available on more devices especially on RT-AX58U? wpa3 Enterprise with its 3096 bit asymetric key aswell as a 192 bit symmetric key helps keeping data secure for longer than data secured with elliptic curves (as some studies show a Quantum Computer...
  2. AAJarvis

    No RADIUS on 5Ghz Network?

    So I have a Pi running as a RADIUS server but when I try to connect my RT-87U to my server, the RADIUS tab only appears in the 2.4Ghz Network and not in the 5Ghz Network. In the 5G I don't get the WPA-Enterprise option. Am I missing something or is this option not available on 5G? Probably a...