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  1. J

    AC88U Xbox live disconnecting

    Hello everyone! I’ve been having some issues with my Xbox one disconnecting from Xbox live on the 5ghz channel. I’m using the Asus AC88U router, and I’ve tried stock firmware and Merlin. Has anyone found a fix for it yet? I’ve used multiple different channels, reset my Xbox, etc. but I haven’t...
  2. T

    Looking for settings advice RT-AC86U Asuswrt-Merlin

    Hello all, Thank you for all of the great information on this forum! I am returning my GT-AC5300 router in favor of the RT-AC88U. The key factor in my decision was no support for Merlin FW. One of my key interests is to have two xbox ones on my network with OPEN NAT playing COD WWII. I was not...
  3. SpaceCoyote

    DSL-AC68U, 2 x Xbox One, and Fall 2017 Update

    I've been looking forward to the most recent Xbox dashboard update because of its ability to choose Xbox Live ports, so I can finally disable UPnP on my network. Now it's here, I have a question or two. Looking in the Network > Advanced > Ports > Manual section of Settings, it gives the option...