A little help please

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Need a little help please have read a lot but a little confused

Coverage 3200 sq ft house, 3 floors standard wood construction

- High speed for several concurrent zoom connections
- 4 wired lan ports
- all equipment wifi 6 capable

Looking at the ZenWiFi XT8 but it appears to have a lot of problems.

Please advise
Thank you


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What do you have available or possible for wired backhaul connections to each of the floors ?

what does a plan view of each of the floors of the house look like ?

what devices can be wired and what do you have to have as wireless ?


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Piggybacking on @degrub's reference to the backhaul, I find this part of the solution is commonly overlooked or undervalued. Something like a MOCA backhaul, for example, means you don't have to have extreme wifi solutions, where one or two devices (AP + repeater) need to provide 100% coverage, but instead you drop 4-5 APs (and ones that don't typically need to be nearly as powerful) all around the home. The only other consideration is whether you do a lot of roaming, and maybe replacing those APs w/ a mesh system that supports it.


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Think about using 1 AP per floor using only the 5 GHz band.
Use a POE powered AP if it is not convenient to use a traditional power supply. You can use injectors if you dont want to install a switch with adequate power for POE.

if you have to use the 2.4 GHz band then, likely only enable on the top floor and the lowest floor due to overlap.
SMB equipment will give you the most flexibility and reliability.

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