A question about DNS cache in ASUS router I can't find answer to.

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In WAN, I have two custom DNS (for example and
In LAN-DHCP I have my router as DNS server (or blank).

Today I visit www.aaaaaaaaaaaa.com and router checks with and goes to (the resolved IP).

Tomorrow the webmaster of www.aaaaaaaaaaaa.com changes the ip for it and hosts the page in other IP. The old IP is used for a new domain name.

The question is: when is going my asus router (and them my computer) to notice that the page that I see when visting www.aaaaaaaaaaaa.com is not the actual one?

Is there an expiry time for the dns cache in my router dns cache/server?

Hope I have been understood.



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The domain owner of aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.com defines a time-to-live (TTL) that tells caching DNS servers how long to remember previous responses. The router's dns server (dnsmasq) will expire the entry in the local cache after that TTL has expired.

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