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About Coaxial network and Moca adapters

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bonded MoCA 2.0 (2x channels) == 800 Mbps (1000 Mbps 2-node-only)

not always turbo. Yes link rate at 800, throughput at around 730.
I've used Moca 2.5 gocoax recently. I must say that the speedtest is nearly the same as ethernet cable. However, when I play PC video game, I still see several 'spike' ( something as packet loss or whatever causes the game freezing) although it merely last for 1-2 seconds. I've rarely seen this with using ethernet cable directly
Is it because of the Moca technology or my bad internet?
Are there any methods to check how stable the internet is?
Thank you everyone for joining my boring topic
the only issue you may encounter with MOCA is a few ms of lag per modem pair.
Anything else is either internet, cable issues, or PC issues.
thank you
without your helps, my network can't be fulfilled.
I just wanna ask more that: how is G.hn ethernet over coax (some brand as Comtrend, Nexuslink, GIGA Copper) comparing to MOCA? I know nothing about efficiency but I see clearly that G.hn coax is very costly against Moca
from what i read, G.hn peaks at 1 Gbit/sec each direction. It looks like the physical layer runs at about 0.2 MHz if i understood the wiki correctly.

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