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AC-RT86U vs AC-RT5300

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Hello, I need a powerful router for my activities. I mainly do:

- Streaming (HD)
- Gaming Online
- P2P
- A lot of downloading

I have 9 devices (wifi AC) to support, small office. For the p2p, it should not impact other users. Money not an issue. Which router to choose ?
Go for the 86U, more powerful unit with better VPN performance and newer WiFi chipset. I highly doubt the extra 5Ghz band on the AC5300 will do you much good.

There is a newer GT-AC5300 but even that I doubt will give you much of a benefit over the 86U.
The 86U is a bit more powerful with its higher clocked Dual Core ARM Cortex A53 but has a hardware crypto engine making it fly in VPN. The AC5300 is using an older Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 CPU. The newer GT5300 is pretty much the same generation as the 86U except it has 4 A53 Cores and an extra 5Ghz WiFi band, but it won’t really benefit your use case as even VPN only uses 1 core.
It should.

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