AC5300 issue- dropping internet

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I had a AC86U that died about a week ago. I was out of town when it died so I walked my son through putting the cable modem (took it out of bridge mode) straight to the switch. Things were working fine but with a 2 story home I really need the AiMesh system I had in place so I got another Asus router. I replaced it with (originally) an AX86U- but in playing various online games we were all getting dropped at various times. Thinking I had a bad piece of hardware I ordered an AC5300 and got it today. I setup the router and network and upgraded to the latest ASUS firmware.

I even bought all new 6a network cables for every inch of cabling with the 3 gaming computers in the basement. Just wanted to be sure it wasnt a cabling issue.

I was online gaming for a few hours and had no issues. Took a break and then went back to it and about 90 mins in I got dropped again. I have the error log, but that looks like a foreign language to me. Would it help if I attached the syslog.txt file to this message?

I am thinking of going back to the Ax86U and trying the Merlin firmware as it doesnt look like the GT-AC5300 will work with the Merlin firmware.

I am just completely lost at this point as to why we are getting dropped. 3 different online games and all 3 of us in the house will get dropped randomly.

Thoughts? I apologize if I missed something stupid in the process. While I am not a network engineer, I am fairly good at these types of things and have had zero issues in the past hooking up a home network.

Thanks in advance - Jeff Barnes


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Thanks L&LD - I am doing that now. Just switched everything over from the 5300 back to the AX-86U… setting it up and will flash and do the config as suggested. WIll report back later today after testing.

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