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ac5300 problems

Discussion in 'ASUS AC Routers & Adapters' started by rboerdijk, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. rboerdijk

    rboerdijk New Around Here

    Aug 24, 2019

    My AC5300 started acting up a few days ago, noticed when the google home mini said it couldn't connect to WiFi. Next day more devices had problems. I updated the firmware to latest and reset nvram (20 sec hold wps after power-on). At that point I was able to connect again via wifi to the webfrontend, but it lost connection every few minutes. That happened 5-6 times and after that it didn't reconnect the Wifi anymore. Checking the device state, only the power-led was on.

    Current status is:
    - Flashing firmware via "firmware restore tool" works
    - Connecting on does not work (which makes sense because only the power led is on, wifi/lan are off).
    - On power-up, the power button is on (not blinking) and it remains in this state (as if it's "stuck" on boot).

    I opened it up and located the serial pins. Pretty sure the order is gnd/rx/tx/vcc, vcc is marked and is 3.3v, rx is ˜0v, tx is ˜3.3v and the remaining pin gave a signal on continuity when connected to ground of the antenna-box so it has to be ground.
    When serial is connected and then powering the device, WAN1 keeps blinking, which (from another post here) seems to be the case if RX/TX are swapped. I tried swapping it, but WAN1 also blinks in that case.

    I was hoping connecting via serial would give some boot-info, and see where it gets stuck. Also (assuming I can get past the blinking wan1 issue), not entirely sure how to configure putty - 9600 or 15200 baud? anything else?

    Any ideas anyone what I could still try?

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