ac86u bind ip to specific mesh AP

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hello guys,

sorry for bad english

i saw the "new aimesh 2.0 function" ac86u bind ip to specific mesh AP and its very nice, but i need to set it on 15-20 devices wifi and i can only use it on 9 devices, after that, the asus says device bind complete but the device dont bind, i dont know if that is a fw bug or its a bind device limit from this model, anyone use that function with more than 9 devices?

i have the stock fw, last version, i have 5 ac86u running 1 main + 4 aimesh node with arround 60 wifi devices (50 static ip outside the dhcp range + 10 dhcp)

thanks all for any help


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Welcome to the forums @hardypt.

Yes, that issue has been reported.

I'm sure Asus will upgrade that as soon as they have quashed other, more important, bugs and gremlins from

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