AC88U LAN speed at 100Mbps only, why...

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My ASUS AC88U is working at 100 Mbps only and i don't understand why.
It is connected in dual wan mode, with a LAN port acting as second Wan.
I noticed that on one port which is connected to a Gbps switch and on this Switch there is also my desktop which says the link is a Gpbs one.
My Synology NAS is also connected on the ASUS with two RJ cables aggregated by the synology.

but when i do a file transfer, cut & paste from the PC to the NAS the speed is only 10 MB which is about 80 Mbps, why not more ?

lan ports on the ASUS seems to be locked at 100 Mbps, but they should 1 Gbps...

were can i look to change that ?


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In fact i can see that, ports 1 to 4 are 1Gbps and ports 5 to 8 are 100 mbps

Is that normal ?

I will try to swap 1 port, my switch is currently connected on port 6....



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so i switched ports 1 and 6
but... speed unchanged... all ports on the AC88U are 1Gbps
the issue comes from the other side of my link....
but how ? other side is a Netgear S350 manageable 8 ports switch and i don't see where i could specify something for the speed...

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